Tepee Amenities

Learn more about the Tepee Pools and the history of the World's Largest Hot Springs.

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Hot Springs State Park

Hot Springs State Park is the most visited state park in Wyoming and for good reason. With the natural hot springs, buffalo, hiking trails and so much more everyone has a reason to visit.

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History of the Hot Springs

At the center of all the activities in Hot Springs State Park is the Big Spring.


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The Golden Dome

The Golden Dome is an icon of Thermopolis and is one of the most exciting things to see when you are on your way to the hot springs as you know the fun is near. Recently renovated it appears more copper now but to the locals has been well established as the Golden Dome.

People from all over the world visit us to experience the hot springs and we are well known as the park where Wyomingites vacation. Time ticks by a little slower here you will find yourself enjoying life a lot more!


Hours of Operation

9am-9pm Everyday of the Week